Thursday, December 17, 2009

one week since

it's just been seven days since STPM ended. but it really feels like it has been longer. i don't know. must be all the going out and stuff, it gets tiring sometimes but i'm not complaining ;)

so far, i've...
  • went for a joy ride with RachealWong, BrandonLee, Yee and Mark. and ended up at Rachael's watching 200 Pounds Beauty till 3.30am.
  • helped CREST pack stuff for flood victims along with Jack, Kentrick, MichelleFoo and lots of other people :) it felt really good to say, "i just finished STPM, yesterday" :) whenever someone asks what i'm doing.
  • watched A Chirstmas Carol with JoanneHo and Sue Ann :) i liked it.
  • helped out with the kids' christmas party. :D it was truckloads of fun with a jungle theme and lots and lots of gummy candy which we got sick of because we overate :P the kids were super adorable, some dressed up in animal costumes and others having funky headgear :) they're precious!
  • sunday was Youth Sunday! Sue Ann led worship and God was really there :)
  • christmas practice and after that, shopping with Sue Ann and Sue Yin.
  • we went shooting star-gazing :) RachaelWong, MelissaSoon, AliciaSoon, Yew Leung and me. i saw two :) and that was lovely. it was a bit cloudy, but at least we saw a few :)
  • monday was our class outing to OneUtama :) almost all, except a few. we karaoked, and it was surprisingly cheap :) then Kentrick and i went jeans hunting, and we found good pairs :D
  • tuesday was a day out with Krystie to Sunway Pyramid. good time of catching up we watched The Princess and The Frog. i love love love Disney cartoons :)
  • later, we had a mahjong party at Jack's and after that i slept over at JoanneHo's. :) at last my mahjong hype has been satisfied. though i pretty much suck at it. ah wells.
  • there was dance practice for christmas. it's been so long since i've last danced.
and the plans for today...
  • meeting up with VeiLi, YenLi, KayLynn and LiFoong :) and then sleepover. and tomorrow we'll go shopping :)
oh, i'm currently in the process of cleaning up my room. it's so horribly messy! yeah, i've had one week to clean it up and i still haven't finished, yet.

Dear Lord,
even as i'm having so much to do with all the going outs and running abouts. i pray that i will still remain in You. i don't want to push You aside when things are going fine and coming back to You when stuff is falling apart. teach me to walk faithfully. and even as i close another chapter of my life, take me and guide me through this new journey.
i love You.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the end of this very dark tunnel...

...and into sunshine!! :)

STPM is finished. enough said :)

thank you, God, for being there all the way!
thank you for being my refuge, my strength, my God in whom i trust.