Thursday, January 28, 2010

but i will give my life to win your heart ♥

But I will give my life to win your heart
And I will tear apart my soul
I'll give away all I know to bring you home
For all that is true, for all of the way
With all of my life
You hold my heart, you have my love
You are my bride
- 'Desert Lands' by Trading Yesterday

every time i listen to this song,
it means so much to me because so much of it is true.
yet, i'm so amazed at how much God loves us,
how far He will go to bring us back, to redeem us.

`You traded our love for a life of desert lands

that's what we do, that's what i do.
how we go and trade God's love for so many other things. how we've traded it for riches, for power, for relationships that most times don't last, for pleasures, for so many other things that are not worth it in comparison to His great love.
things that turn our lives into a life of desert lands. it's painful, no doubt. dry, hot, lost.

yet He loves us still to give all to bring us back.
i'm touched, awed, amazed by this love.
a love so selfless, so sacrificing, so pure.

thank you, Love.
because of You, there is reason and there is hope.
i love you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

cookies :)

i baked chocolate chip cookies with my mom today :)

speaking of cookies,
this video cracks me up all the time! :D


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so, how's your holidays so far?

standard question for a girl with six months break :D
it goes along with,
"so, what are you doing now?"
followed by,
"so, what are you planning to do in the future?"

these questions keep coming. it get's a tad bit tiring sometimes. but oh well, they are conversational topics, i suppose.

i am not working, yet. (i think i will, i don't know. maybe.)
i am not hundred percently sure what i'm going to do in the future, though there is a vague idea.
i am enjoying my holidays and i am not bored of it, yet :)

so, here's a bit of what 2010 has been like for me, so far...

kicking it off with sushi in singapore :)

with sue ann and my cousin, lup peng. :)

it's something because...
singapore was my first time out of malaysia. hee.
and sushi isn't an everyday thing for me. so yeah.

when we got back from singapore,
we went for a gathering of ex-taman sea cf-ers and a few current ones :)
and the singapore four (us in the picture above) was reunited. hee.

was dead tired when i got home.

and then there was,
paul and dinah's wedding.

PPBC girls

david, thank you!
you know for what ;) hee.

days followed with meet ups,

david, vei li, nick and i.

and also with a few high school friends for lunch :)

veili and yenli and kaylynn,
i'm missing you guys truckloads!
hopefully, "melbourne" materializes soon, real soon!

brandon left for USA too :(

dear, brandon :)
i hope you're doing alright in USA-land.
we miss you much and you were such a funny funny guy.
take care and keep walking close to God.

the youths had a trip to bukit cahaya.
there was supposed to be cycling, but we walked the whole way.
and ice cream in the middle was soooo good :)
went for klang bak kut teh after that.
(my first time! i know, how un-malaysian can i get, right? there's always a first time for everything :)

we celebrated joanne's birthday
with food, wii and pictionary and talks till one in the morning :)
my arm was aching the next day due to wii tennis :(

went to genting with some friends. :)
loved the theme park and the cold weather.
and loved the rest we got there.
joanne and i slept lots, hahaha.

view from the cable car ride :)
i likes what my Creator does.

on the way back down.

celebrated khy li's 20th birthday :)

seriously, can't believe you're twenty already!

also a few shopping trips, sleepovers, walks at kiara with gloria, squash with JoanneHo and JoanneLim, and some other stuff here and there.

so that's 2010 so far.

enjoying your holidays?
yes :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


hello :) lots have been happening. haven't had much time to update but truth is, sometimes... okay, most of the time... i'm too lazy to do so.

but anyway,

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

can you believe it 2009 is over and a new year has just begun, again. 2009 was pretty tough *sigh* but God was there and in Him there was much hope and grace to get me through each and every situation. despite the tears, hurts, regrets, fears and all that, i knew in God i could trust. sometimes it was harder and sometimes it was easier. but 2009 taught me that i must always trust, trust in God that is.

it was pretty much an adventure, last year. not in the moving-around-physically-to-new-places sense, but more of walking into new things and experiences with God.

the adventure beginning with Him asking me to take His hand and just follow and walk along side Him. He taught me to stop looking at the world through my tainted and stained point of view and to look through His eyes. i'm still learning to do so and i don't find it easy to do, most of the time. the adventure continued, and i thank God for guiding me back when i strayed. sitting down with me when i was tired of the road. encouraging me and most of all assuring me of His love.

this adventure taught me a lot, tested my faith, broke me where i needed breaking, but most of all made me experience God even more in my life. without Him i am nothing.

even as i step into 2010, may there be even more adventures with the one i love. and may i walk close to Him all the way.

Lord, i commit this new year to you :)

oh, and i just got back from singapore :D my first time out of malaysia-land. i had truckloads of fun :) pictures are on facebook :D

singapore bunch
teehee :)