Sunday, August 30, 2009

twenty :)

20 things i haven't done in such a long time...
  1. swimming P
  2. climbed a tree
  3. wriggled my toes in the sand P
  4. roller coaster rides P
  5. random LRT rides P
  6. fell asleep in the car P
  7. gone back to my parents' hometown, IpohP
  8. played and danced in the rain
  9. taken a bubble bath
  10. stepped into a sauna
  11. fishing P
  12. worn high heels out P
  13. played mah-jong P
  14. written a letter that needs to be posted P
  15. camped in the jungle P
  16. sleepover P
  17. threaded my eyebrows P
  18. plucked a flower P
  19. laid on my back and gazed at the stars P
  20. chewed bubble gum P
and i want to do them again some day :)
as in i really really really want to do them.

after trials, maybe. or more like after STPM, maybe.

have a nice day!

Friday, August 28, 2009

powers up!

i thank God that my powers (yes, super powers if you're wondering...hehe) don't go up by hundreds every year. :) so far, they've been pretty stable. good thing, in case i become too powerful and lose all control of them. not good!

*okay okay. i don't have any super powers lahh, i'm talking about my short sightedness.

but anyway, recently, i've been feeling something not quite right with the glasses i was wearing. and the proof was, i found it a little bit difficult to see what the teachers were writing on the whiteboard.

so, i went to get the eyes checked and with intentions of getting a new pair of glasses.

after all, the old pair was like...erm...3 plus years old? and they're senget cause i have a tendency to sleep with them on. heh, reason why i love my contact lenses more than my specs :) my senget specs always make me look sloppy B)

but besides that, that pair was pretty awesome cause it had chameleon properties! no kidding. it was dark purple and after a while, the color came off and it became bright pink (which i loved :) and the pink coat started to peel off, and below it lay another shade of that same purple, and as i wore it longer, the purple rubbed off and became the bright pink again!

cool, huh! and i've had people say to me, "eh! you changed your specs?" :) it's either a really cool property "color-changing specs" or just real cheap paint that fades off over time :) either way, i liked them! well, i don't think there's anymore underlying layers...

they should produce specs like that, like every time a color wears off there'll be a new color next! red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, etc.

okay, anyway, back to my new pair...ahemm B)

it's thinner than my old one, which means...more fragile and needs to be handed with a lot more care! and it's light pink. and it makes everything clearer now :) yayy!

*note to self: do not fall asleep with specs on!! they'll just be destroyed instantly.

but i still love my contacts more than my specs. very vain, i know :P

now, i should be studying.

oh, yesterday's steamboat was very enjoyable :) it was a good break from the books. we ate much towards the end and walked to caltex for ice-cream. :) mmm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

break time :)

it's surprising how i blog more as my stpm trials are nearing.

you'd think i'd abandon this blog at such a time as this. considering i've been doing a lousy job keeping it alive when you look back in time.

but i think blogging is like my little "stress relief" thing to do :)
it's like, i study for and hour plus and then i say okay, break time. go blog or something :)

well, i try to be very brief when i come online. and i do give myself time limits. but it's the frequency of coming online that kind of worries me.

well, i've got to do all i can to keep myself sane, right? seriously all that cramming is no good. well, i'd admit it's my fault for last minute cramming. heh.

besides coming online, i go jogging . i kinda like jogging, especially now that i've got yewkong's handy-dandy-strappy-thingy that can hold my mp3 player. music helps take my mind off the fatigue setting in. :)

i love holidays lahh, despite having to study.
i don't know, it's just a very flexible thing.

now back to maths. cause my time limits up!

Dear Lord, thank you for the holidays.
i really needed it :) you always know what's best.
i love you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

boop boop beep beep boop boop

i watched UP! :)
with joanne lim, yew leung and joshua chin.

and i loved it!

very touching show but so very enjoyable too. the characters are so lovable. even the grumpy old man, he has a big heart. the kid is sooo super funny and adorable. and it really has some pretty good messages behind the whole thing.

okay, breaks over. back to biology and chemistry and all that :D

(yearight. the smile wasn't my idea.)

up, up and away!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy birthday, uncle keong :)

family gatherings are the

and yesterday, we gathered to celebrate uncle keong's birthday.

this is uncle keong and his daughter.

the adults

the kids

inkkie and i

the youngest one of us all, emmett.
a kid filled with lots of energy.
he's like a, like a gummy bear! you know when they drink the juice, they start bouncing here, there and everywhere? seriously, never stops!

we were playing with fire at the park after our dinner and he wanted me to light a match. we wanted to teach him a little bit of manners, simple 'pleases' and 'thank yous'. and this how our conversation went.

emmett waiyan
hey, light the fire for me.
wait, what must you say first before asking people to do things?
please what?
please...light the fire?
please, i like the fire.

hehe...reminded me a little of 'mind your language' episodes.

all in all, i enjoyed myself. good food, great company.

i love love love my family :D

helloo, august break!
now, if only you were longer and there were no trials right after.
that spoils it all, boo.

happy holidays!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

satu suara

and i want to say a BIG THANK YOU to GOD! :) who has been strengthening and encouraging us all throughout our preps. it get's pretty tiring along the way.

today, we did our 'Satu Suara' dance for the opening of Hari Anugerah Kecermelangan Kokurikulum. and yayy, it's finally over. i guess it went well, praise God, despite the song being jumpy here and there, ugh. a little off timing, but it doesn't really matter, people are probably not going to remember it years from now, heh.

i really thank God for the people who were involved in it with me :)
brenda, inkkie, szen li, michelle, sze ting, erin, hilary, rachel quah, huey wern, rachel law and li yen.
you guys are awesome! :)
thank you for coming for practices, i know sometimes we got so super lazy and tired. thank you for giving input on steps. thank you for the funny things you girls do at times. thank you for coming super duper crazily early in the morning to do make up and all that too. and i'm sorry when i have scolded you girls about steps and stuff like that.
i love you, all, much.

this will be my last dance in school,
(good and bad thing, not really bad lahh, but a bit sayang to leave it :)
i never really liked being in charge of dances, prefer to learn someone else's choreography any day. but by God's grace, things turn out pretty well.

tadaa :) a little small but i'll get more pictures soon.
oh, check out shirts with BIG hearts :) they're from our youth camp last year.

thank you, Lord, for everything again :)

and now to focus on exams. boo :(
oh, and i like my plurk thingy at the side. it's new :) nice, yah?

sekiranya ku jatuh, terus bangunkan aku :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so much higher, so much greater

a few more days to the august holidays but that also means less days to STPM trials :( eeps!

this week has been one whoop-dee-doo week. and it's only wednesday today! that makes no sense, i meant to say these past few days.

in the last two days, we've been having dance practices that last the whole 5 hours of school so that we don't have to study in class. it's fun but pretty draining, but it's all going to be over by his thursday. i'm so so grateful to God who has helped us through so much and poured His favor over our lives all throughout doing this dance. and He has been truly faithful all the way.

but apart from that; disappointments, brokenness and hurts have had an overwhelming effect on my life lately. but God is in control :) i know that and that is enough.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9

dear Lord,
i know that You are in control and that what You have planned and what You have in store is beyond me. truly, Your thoughts are higher and Your ways are far greater. i will trust in You with my life, my circumstances, my future, my loved ones, my everything. because You know what's best.

i love you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

july goes, august comes

first up,
my mom's back from UK land,
with a fractured ankle and chocolates. her leg is doing ok and surprisingly there are still chocolates :) soon to be no more :D

but before that, netball inter-house games. and green got a gold. :) yayy!
my skin's a little darker now, but i kinda like tan :)

and then, joanne and i went to OneUtama to get some warranty stuff done. it was just a stamp on a piece of paper. so, as to not waste the petrol and time of going all the way OneUtama, we decided to catch a movie.

it was between 'Pelham 123'
(which i heard was very good. and why shouldn't it be, it has Denzel Washington! i loved him since i watched Training Day) or 'Land of the Lost' (which has Blades of Glory star, Will Ferrell, he's just so funny!)

our choice:
we decided to go with funny, as we wanted something light and that could make us laugh. and it was funny! :D in a stupid nonsensical kind of way, a few bad jokes here and there (if you know what i mean), but still enjoyable.

and there was
13th National Bible Knowledge Quiz 2009 in Assunta Girls' School on the 1st August. Erin & Esther did us proud :D and got first in Central Selangor, almost made it to the finals. there's still next year! :) thank you, everyone who took part, helped record, and run. iloveyou :)

Erin Lim & Esther Lee :)

the taman sea bunch
well, half of us here, the rest went off to A&W already.

we ended around 2pm and off it was to makan and fellowship at A&W.
got home at around four-ish and i went to see li foong and team play netball in some open netball tournament thingy. they have some really ganas people on the court i must say, scary!

watched the premiere of GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra with the brother's, yewkong's fiance and li foong on tuesday. thank you Aunty Kara :)

go catch it, everyone!
in my opinion it's better than Transformers 2.
no, seriously i'm not bluffing. it's better because there's more of a storyline (and flashback scenes too, i like flashback scenes :) and the jokes made here are better than those in Transformers 2. it's not long and draggy, and its got lots of action! boom boom pow! :D

oh, and ezra is just the cutest :) before the movie started,

hey, you brought your girlfriend arr?
what girlfriend? my fiance, i'm going to get married already.
oh, you're going to marry her? do you like her? :)
of course lah, if not how can i marry her?

sooooo cute! :)

moving on, on the 7th of August 2009 (07.08.09 - 789, pretty awesomely cool date i must say :), the CF Committee of 2008/2009, stepped down and a new group of leaders stepped up.

`sniffsniff. i'm going to miss the people in CF. God has done and taught us so much throughout this period. and He has been so amazingly faithful and so full of love and grace. i know that the next group of leaders will go further than we did and that they will be okay because they are in God's hands :) oh, there's just so much i want to say here.
but ultimately, Jesus loves and cares for you! remember that, He will bring you through.

(o8.o8.o8 - o7.o8.o9)
the dates are so cool! :D

our theme:
And now these three remain:
faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

and now, we present you...

the new commitee of 09/10.
may God use you to do great things for Him!

after recess meeting that day, we went for cendol & rojak and relived our childhood at the see-saws, swings and slide. joanne has all the pictures and it was truckloads of fun :)

today, we went to help out at Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation (KDSF) Fun Fair. and it was loads of fun :) we came home exhausted! my station, thank God, was in the air-conditioned hall :) because today was a very very very hot day! and it was 'pin the tail on the cat'. after a few trials myself, i realsie i have very very bad sense of direction when i am blindefolded. very very bad.
so i met lots of new friends there, got a cute green dinosaur painted on my face, joined a limbo rock competition and got first place, played other games and ate stuff :) it was a good day :)

and after all that's done, STPM is nearing and trials are in september, less than a month from now. study, girl, study!

dear God, grant me grace and strength.
and thank You for bringing me through so much!