Thursday, July 24, 2014


Showed Ernest this picture of the lily that bloomed in our garden :) 

He asked me what's the name of the flower. 

I answered, "Lily." 

"Such a beautiful name," I thought to myself :)

but then...

"OHMYGOSH! We can't name our daughter that!!"

Ernest and my surnames are both 'Lee' :\ 

Lily Lee... Li Li Li... Lee Lee Lee...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I will be graduating this year :) Praise the Lord! Just got my results for my final semester and all is well. I thank God for His faithfulness and grace in carrying me through. Am reminded of the tears I shed and the struggles I had throughout the semester but also the assurances He gave through His word and the encouragement and love He brought through people. Thank you, God. 

After our final paper :) Real relief! SELFIE!
So right after exams ended, had about a week's break then it was East Asia Regional Conference (EARC) 2014 in Port Dickson. So much to take in but I believe it was most timely as I come to the crossroads of "What Next?" in my life. Probably one of the most asked questions as I finish my undergraduate life, which I'm not too sure how to answer either :\ It calls me that whatever I do with my life, it must always be centred upon Christ and the gospel. It's a mission to bridge the gap between God's vision and the state of reality in our world today. The theme was "Awesome God. E.P.I.C. Generation". EPIC standing for - Engaging, Passionate, Incarnational, and Christlike. What we as Christians are called to in today's society. I met people from different countries, backgrounds, tongues and cultures and as we shared our stories and lives with each other, I saw that we all live in a broken world. My country and society has its problems and so does theirs. No perfect system, no complete justice and righteousness, and that is the state our world is in. But, we all hope in God, we all trust in God, we all yearn to see His glory manifest in the places He has given to us as our homelands, our countries. And that encourages me to keep pursuing Him, to keep our eyes on God, and to be shining lights to our nations. 

My small group during the conference. Thank you each one for sharing your lives <3 td="">
I had a getaway graduation trip with Shalini, Danny and Vindy to Krabi, Thailand. And it was beautiful :) The sun, sand, and sea. Though the sea was being very very rough as it was the monsoon season. We still had fun and enjoyed it :) I want to go back. Much happened (some good and some bad) and we made do the best we could with what we had. What happens in Krabi, stays in Krabi :P

Beauty :)
Travel companions and some of the best people I've had as course mates in the past four years :)
Am now in Tronoh with the parents. Time to unwind and prepare for what's next. I'll tell you as soon as I know what that is. :) Have a good day!