Tuesday, February 9, 2010

unfolding plans

"...For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

when we were still in secondary school, we used to tell each other and encourage each other that God has so much in store for our lives, that He has the best plans for our lives and therefore, we should trust and obey Him. we wrote it in our letters, in our cards, in our notes to each other.

it was a comfort and an assurance that our future was in God's mighty hands, that despite how discouraging our current situations were, God had a plan.

that promise brought me through much during my school life; exams such as SPM and STPM, while serving in the CF in our school, through the tears and frustrations, and so much more. looking back, i really thank God for being there :)

i was just reading Acts 7 the other day. it was Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin before he was stoned. and he was telling of how God had called Abraham in the beginning right up to how the people of that day had rejected Jesus as Savior.

and i was just thinking God called Abraham to leave his country and just go. and Abraham went. and God gave him a promise; that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sands on the seashore and that nations will be blessed through them and that they will possess the land where Abraham was when he was given that promise. and it didn't take a few days or a few years for all that to come to pass, it took generations! that's a long long long time! but true enough God's plans unfolded. and every other story such as, Joseph's story, Moses' story, David's story, etc. all played a part in this unfolding plan of God, their stories and lives played a part in God's promise to Abraham and His plans.

so, anyway, i'm not here to tell the whole chronicles of the Israelites. you can read that up in the Bible.

but, what i'm trying to bring across here is that when God gives us promises, we have to be patient and obedient in it.

patient in waiting for God's timing for it to unfold. and it's not easy most of the time, we may get frustrated, discouraged, distracted, impatient. and i know that, because i've taken things into my own hands at times due to all of the above and have regretted it very much. so, wait, wait for God's perfect timing.

obedience isn't easy most of the time too. sometimes, these plans that God has, well they require us to let go of certain things and do certain things we logically won't do. but isn't it worth it? God knows what's best. will we be trusting and bold enough to take a risk for what's best than to have something that is just safe? we only live once. i struggle with obedience too, a lot! i'm pretty timid, won't say i'm a risk taker. but if God says to do something, don't you think it's worth it even though it sounds illogical? because i believe that God knows what He's doing.

so yeah, time we start living out these plans God has for our lives. time to be obedient when we hear His voice. it is no longer just an assurance for the future or a thing in store for years to come, but it is for now. His promises and plans come to pass when we obey, that's when they unfold.

and know this, no matter how small or insignificant you may feel in this big world. we are part of God's bigger plan. we never really know entirely how we fit in, but we can make an impact wherever we are. each and everyone of us, is loved personally by God, we are significant to Him.

Lord, i know many times i mess up the plans you have for my life because i don't trust you or i think i know what to do. i've disobeyed you so many times, and i am sorry for that. teach me to be faithful and trusting, to not let my own human wisdom and wants get the better of me when it comes to obedience to you. thank you that despite me messing up, you still are faithful and sovereign and that is not the end of your plans. thank you for your love and grace. i love you.

and to GloriaChieng :) who is on her flight now to Perth, Australia.
thanks for being one of those friends who always encouraged me and reminded me that God has a plan for our lives. thanks for being my best friend and accountability partner. and remember, God has an amazing plan for your life! and as you go over there to Australia, live out that plan :) it's going to be so exciting! i love you and will miss you much! take care!

Monday, February 8, 2010

batteries for the clock on the wall

the title's just a reminder for me to get batteries for the clock in my room, which still ticks but inconsistently. i've woken up late in the noon and thought it was still 9am cause of the clock and slept really late thinking it was still 10pm at night. this is messing up my system. although, i cannot say i'm not enjoying my bumming days. they're truckloads of fun :D

currently it's going to be 12noon but the clock shows the time to be 7.15. :) boy, am i up early! heh.

ok, batteries for the clock.

apart from that, other reminders/goals for now.

`figure out what i want to do and apply for university, and where.
`find a part time job cause i want to earn money to go on a holiday.
`climb Mount Kinabalu in may *hopefully* therefore, i must train.

and definitely still on the list since i was in secondary school :)

`find my husband to marry! hehh, kidding.

for now. i wait till Chinese New Year comes.
and bake more cookies, bake more cookies :)