Friday, January 21, 2011


lately, i've been needing a getaway.

so my dad was going fishing,
and i haven't gone fishing in a long time.

and i remember how much i miss fishing.
the calm waters reflecting the trees and the sky,
waiting patiently for a bite.
quiet. peace. calm. rest.

and so i went on a fishaway :) with my dad and yewleung.

and this was what i got...

time spent with my dad and brother
pretty blue sky

a new friend. he's a charmer!

and i got a fish :) big one!

now, back to life.
i think i need to get a hobby.
like how daddy loves fishing.
i need to find a getaway hobby :)
...besides sleeping :\

have a lovely weekend :)

hello goodbye :)

*twentyone days late :P oh well.

and another year passes me by. 
2010, has been a year of God's faithfulness. through the transitions and all, He was and still is faithful.

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so much has happened in the past year. the most significant would be the whole phase of entering into uni. i've learned so much and also struggled with so much in my first sem, but God has been my Rock and salvation.

 20 years old seemed a long way to go when i was 14. look where i am now - twenty going on twentyone! God has been ever faithful in my life, and i am ever grateful. 

so much has happened this past year that made the year seem very long. but come December, i said "December already?" :| the events and mostly camps at the end of the year (T.H.E. Camp, National Conference, PPBC Youth Camp) taught me and reminded me to place all my trust in God, to let go of my fears and inabilities and to commit my whole life to Him. it'll take a lot more effort than what i'm putting in at the moment. and i've got to start strengthening my feeble hands and steadying my knees that give way, to begin to go on exciting adventures with Him. I love Him and I pray that this love continues to develop and grow more pure and true day by day. 

*takes a deep breath* here comes more adventures!

hello, new year :)