Friday, August 17, 2012

kurang manis

i was asking my mom as she was cutting a watermelon how do we choose good sweet watermelons? cause i've always wondered that every time we had to go shop for a watermelon :\ she said, "ask your dad."

so, i did.

and my dad said, "you press the watermelon. if it is hard, means it's ripe." (note that there was no mention of how sweet the watermelon would be)

okay, got it.

"how about all those patting the watermelon and listening to its sound thing people always do?" i asked.

"mm, don't know." dad said.

and we went on to taste the watermelon he had bought...

which turned out to be...

not sweet at all :\

"this is not sweet!" i said. my mom agreed with me.

and yew meng said, "well, diabetes is pretty chronic now. so, we bought kurang manis watermelon." then he took a bite and said, "wahh, this one really kurang manis!"

-.- mmhmm.

now, my quest is to discover the way of choosing a sweet watermelon :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

time to jog

yew leung: i think you should go jogging... Smile with tongue out

wai yan: why? fatter already? Thinking smileDisappointed smileSad smile

yew leung: .... Disappointed smile

wai yan: .... Sad smile

yew leung: cause i fixed your jogging shoes already Flirt maleOpen-mouthed smileLaughing out loud


hee, love the little brother Smile

Friday, August 10, 2012

to sabah and back

have not been in the blogging mode for quite a while now. i guess because blogging is my stress reliever, my outlet and currently, life has been quite chilled and relaxed for me.

just got back from Sabah, wonderful time spent there with Lydia and Deborah and Deborah's family :) and Brandon of course. It was my second time to the beautiful land of Sabah and a very different trip from my first one. my first trip to Sabah was to climb Mount Kinabalu and was pretty tourist-ish because the people i went with were all West Malaysians and we had a tour guide and we didn't mind paying hundreds for activities like white water rafting and so on. tourist mentality haha. we had to walk around and were pretty much confined to the city. it was more of discovering things on our own.

this time around, Debs brought us around and we got to try the local's best :) everything from food to the hanging bridges, a private tour of the UMS campus and so on :) we saved a lot too! on lodging and all. and because we had a car, we went from one end to the other. i really enjoyed the company and warmth of Deb's family (which is really huge and tight knitted) throughout the trip and am missing the kids who are super duper adorable :) i was really encouraged by their church and how God was moving in their midst and in their lives, the testimonies Aunty Mary shared and hearing of how God touches and changes lives was uplifting.

other things we did were visiting the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, fed the crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm in Tuaran, snorkelled at Pulau Mamutik, chased the sunset to Tanjung Aru, musical fountains and a lot of good food every day :)

however, Lydia, Debs and i had a bit of food poisoning towards the end of the trip. Lydia had it the worst and very unfortunately on the day we went to Pulau Mamutik. :( but all in all, it was a beautiful and enjoyable trip with amazing people :)

Sunset at Tanjung Aru :) we chased the sunset!

with Debs and Lydia at Pulau Mamutik;
two very important people in my two previous semesters who encouraged and walked with me in my university journey :) 

Sunrise on our last day at Bukit Padang :) 
don't have many pictures with me at the moment because most of it are in Lydia's camera. but i thank God for this trip and for the little blessings He brought into my life through it :)

okay, back to doing something (cg kit) i've been procrastinating for some time now :\

Sabah Trip
(2-8 August 2012)