Monday, June 10, 2013


And that marks the end of the sixth semester (conveniently omitting the fact that there's four papers to sit for :P) which is also the end of my third year in university :)

This semester got pretty mad towards the end, with deadlines and especially the academic project. In the end, through much tears and prayer, coffee and late nights, regrets and rants, this was the product:

Pride and Joy :) Thank You, Lord
"Motivation and Attitudes of Myanmar Refugee Students towards Learning English"
Some of those who were there with me through it all. Thank you, Joyce and Deborah :) there's a long list of people who I've been blessed to have with me along the way; parents, brothers, course mates, friends here and there and also a very special boy. :)

This guy :)
Not the best picture of us :\ But this was our getaway trip after I finished up my thesis. Yay!
Thanks, Ernest for being there for me, praying with and for me and for all the help you gave. I love you :)
Went for church camp in Melaka on Friday right after handing up my academic project :) Such a relief! It was nice being together with the others in camp. Catching up here and there, hanging out and serving together. Helped with the kids this year :) And though they are the cutest, they're also not the easiest bunch to handle. We made a tree of the characteristics of love, made flags and had water battles :D


The Tree of Love :D

Only joined one session :) And that was about transformation in Christ. A Christian life transformed by Christ should exhibit: Humility, Holiness and Harmony. It was a timely reminder of what a life transformed by Christ is like.

Today as I read Roman 8, I was reminded what it is to live in Christ. It's definitely a struggle between our flesh and the Spirit. But it is a struggle we need to go through in order that we may have life in Christ.

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.
Romans 8:5-6

There are times when I feel really dead, days when I dread waking up and just lie in bed for a few extra minutes. And I realize it's cause I've been so caught up in the flesh and the world. So worried about the day that it wears me out just thinking of it. I find myself putting my hope in things that do not last, putting so much into things that have no eternal value. :( And I walk away tired and lost.

It helps to have Christians brothers and sisters spurring us on. Helps to read the Word which speaks truths that contradict what the world tells us. It helps to pray, to turn our eyes and hearts to God who is above all. Yes, it more than helps. In fact, it is essential to a Christian's growth in this world. And all this only by His grace that we are alive in Christ :)

Anyway, exams are coming and my teaching practice starts next Monday! Time flies and each passing day brings me closer to the day I will meet my Lord :) As for now, I shall live each day in Him, for Him and through Him.

And this is where I'm hanging out at today :) Where Yew Leung is working at: espressolab, One Utama :)

His cafe latte :P Haha, asked him to draw a peacock, came out looking like ermm, King Julian from Madagascar. Stirred it and drew myself a star, hee. Yew Leung says he pandai to draw hearts :) Ngaw.

Till another day :) Byee!