Friday, March 25, 2011

always good

God you are so, so good
There is just none like you
You make me sing
Out loud for joy
Lord I’m so grateful

Jesus, Your love for me
Like nothing I’ve ever seen
I lift up my hands
To praise Your name
O how I love you

You make everything beautiful
You make all things new
You are ever so wonderful
You are always good

Always Good
by Kenneth Chin & Joel Vijay
© 2010, Acts Church

PKVUM's Easter Production has come to an end :)
It was worth it! To God be the glory! 
Now the real thing begins, follow up and evangelism
God, please guide us!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sometimes you got to be random

and impulsive :) i learnt that from a new friend.

i had one of the most wonderful days yesterday :)

started with McDonald's BRUNCH with Tse Hwei and E-laine. brunch cause the line was so superduper long due to kiasu malaysians with McD coupons (including us :P). we didn't make it for breakfast :(

then on to Gerakan PPUM in the morning. i'm glad we didn't cancel it. i am reminded of why we decided to do what we do, because people need to know the love of God. we bumped into a final year medical student, Avni and she's the loveliest :) it really helps to have someone who's trained in the medical field to go with us.

while on our way out from the hospital back to our vehicles, up came the topic of going for the Hot Air Balloon Fair in Putrajaya. Norbert was willing to drive and so four of us, Norbert, Phil, Avni and me, went to see hot air balloons :) my first time and boy, are they HUGE!
Told you they were HUGE!

The boys : Phil and Norbert :)
*thank you, Norbert, for driving us all the way there and i'm sure your photography skills have gone up a level higher ;)
Phil, takyah lah :P heh, kidding.
thank you, Phil, for being excited about the hot air balloons and asking all of us to go.

Avni and I "flying" :)
on the bridge where there was a better view :) and where we watched the fireworks go BOOM!
my favourite picture of the day!
oh, speaking of the title - being random and impulsive, i wouldn't have had such a good break if not for the random trip to Putrajaya to see the hot air balloons. meeting Avni, a final year medic student who was just walking by the six of us gathered at the bus stop to pray before we went to the hospital and who just joined us at the question "Would you wanna come?", who was willing to avail her time to pray with us for patients, i learned that we can do so much more for God if we just start to listen to Him and look at the needs around us. i'm sure she could have said something like, "oh, i've got to study" or "oh, i'm on my way to my college to do my own thing." or something of that sort, but she decided to join us. and it was really good to have her with us, God really used her to be a blessing to the patients and to our group. i really want to allow God to use my life for His purposes too.

*note to self: 
i need to stop giving excuses that i'm too busy :(
i just did that today to my church friends :( sorry, Sue Ann and Joanne 

it's going to be a hectic week; presentations, roadshows, transcripts, assignments due, and EASTER 2011! :)
i'm going to trust God. I'm going to try my very best to listen to God and open my eyes BIG the needs around me. I don't want to neglect the people around me and i want to love like how Jesus loves. 

so, do tell me if i'm being too much of a busybee and a worrywart :) tell me to STOP! and to trust in God.

have a lovely week.

oh, and if you're in UM, come for this!

it's going to be awesome! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

today's ten things.

today, i woke up with a good 7 hours of sleep, such bliss.

today, i had tiramisu chocolates from my roommate for breakfast.

today, i wrote "dead men have no rights." and reminded myself to die to self.

today, i rode an old bus to my faculty.

today, i didn't feel well in moral class :\

today, i accidentally drew on my new white shirt :(

today, i turned off too early, had to take a detour, and got some others and myself stuck in a jam :(

today, i'm going to watch Rango :)

today, has been a long day.

today, i thank God for today ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2011

take it slow

but how?

when everything and everyone is rushing,
when datelines are so super duper close,
when there's no more time to waste.

how to take it slow?

sounds quite silly,
but rest.

rest in God, rest in His love, rest in His strength.
rest in His joy, rest in His peace, rest in Him.

i am tired,
i shall rest.