Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i've realised that somehow, things fall into place in their own time.

i remember vaguely how very overwhelmed i was some weeks, months ago.
this and that to worry about. crying out to God and telling Him i can take it no more.
yet, today, i'm still alive. and i know that God is real.

it's really quite easy to just keep living life in the forward direction without looking back sometimes. after crossing through some rough patches, we sometimes don't want to even look back. sometimes,we're so happy at reaching the "good part" that we forget who brought us through the hard times. we're really very forgetful creatures in a way, i must say.

and if i hadn't looked back, i wouldn't have seen how God had been so faithful through those times where i struggled. i wouldn't have seen how He miraculously brought me through my circumstances.
it's really a wonder.

and i thank God so so so very much.

And we know that in all things
God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

my God will watch over me. and i know that He is in control in my life. no matter how dead end something may seem. come to think of it, i've been in so many dead ends, but somehow, God makes a way :)

i love Him.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

peace like a river

it's good to take a break and go out on a little adventure and enjoy God's lovely creations. it was what i needed.
thank you, sue ann for persuading me to go. no regrets :)

so nine of us, sue ann, adelynn, mark, kenneth, yong huat, kok onn, yew leung, brandon and myself went to kuala kubu baru (it's on the way up to fraser's hill) and went on a trail to the waterfall of sungai chiling.

all set and ready to go :)

trekking through the green

crossing rivers

climbing rocks

reaching it :) that's the waterfall behind us.
they say there's one more higher up, next time we'll hike to that one.

lunch :)

lots of fishies that love sue ann's bread

yewleung; off the rock and doing a toe touch

kok onn's kung fu kicks

my turn

sue ann's hair flick.
i tried to do it too, but we just couldn't capture it properly, all i got was a lot of water up my nose.

mine's more like jumping our of the water or something

then, we were trying to do pyramids...

the guys.

and they go...



and finally :)

group picture :)

so, it was adelynn's birthday and we wanted to soak her just one more time before we left.
the plan was to ask her to

take a picture with us,
at the count of three...


and *splash*
happy birthdayy, adelynn :)

my favorite funny picture of the day :D

i had a lot of fun river hiking. but sometimes life back here gets a bit - argh! if you know what i mean. but i know that God will bring me through. my God who made the rivers, waterfalls, trees, skies, and all that; nothing in my life is too big a problem for Him to bring me through. things don't become "alright" instantly, but having God with me through it makes all the difference. i wish i am always concious of this, because though i know it in my mind sometimes i don't know it in my heart and i forget.

so, dear Lord,
when things around me get so - argh!
help me to remember and know in my heart that You are above all and You are in control, no matter what.
may my heart be filled with Your peace. and let it overflow.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and petition present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

i've got peace like a river
i've got peace like a river
i've got peace like a river in my soul...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

one week four days since

one week and four days went by just like that.

had much to occupy myself with. the parents are in uk land together and the house is left to the grandma and four kids. it's okay, i guess. we're still alive and no major dramas have occurred yet. the only dramas we have in the house are the taiwan / hong kong dramas my grandma watches every single day. :D

thank God :)

so yeah, mom and dad's not home. it's a whole lot of liberty and also responsibility too.

liberty in the sense i get to go where i want and i get to drive around.

responsibilities in the sense of having to wake up early for school. there were a few close calls where we were late for school. heh. cleaning the house, boinling water so that we don't dehydrate and die, washing and ironing our clothes, etc. well, the washing clothes work has been taken over by my grandma. she wants to do it.

so, mom and dad if you are reading this,

we are doing fine :)

oh, and also

happy birthday, mom!
enjoy your holiday there.

i thank God that He has been faithfully watching over us. and i do miss the parents. :)

ee ling's leaving to australia land tomorrow :( we had a farewell dinner for her at Marché and the place is now on my 'i like' list :)

but ee ling's leaving tomorrow. and i am very regretful that i hadn't kept in touch with her much ever since after form 5. and now she's leaving on a jetplane :( aisehh.

take care ee ling, dear :)
and i pray you find a handsome, rich, blue-eyed ang moh there :) teehee.

eeling, myself, lifoong

i love you much and will miss you truckloads!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

it's a bloody affair :D

got blood? :)

we had our Hari RKA along with a Blood Donation Campaign organized by the Form 6 Council, Christian Fellowship and PBSM of our school.

it was a long day, and at the end of it, we had about 69 packets of blood. we fell short of our target, but anyway, we still thank God that it turned out pretty well :)

this is my amat sampat buddy :)
she was pretty anxious about giving her blood, to the point of having a nightmare where she was donating blood.
but she did it full of bravery and valiantly.
*claps claps*

jack tung after donating.

and melvin here.

i sadly could not donate because apparently i have a low haemoglobin count, according to the doctor. maybe that's why i'm always lethargic and sleepy all the time, must be the lack of oxygen going up to my brain.

and the ironic thing is that all the main people of the three groups (Form 6 Council, CF and PBSM) organizing this whole blood drive thing couldn't donate in the end!
vinser because he had just pierced his ear,
michelle cause she wasn't well,
chow ern because she had ezcema and had taken medication or something,
and myself because of the low haemoglobin count.
very ironic.

i tell you some people have the funniest excuses when asked to donate blood.
my personal favorite is...
"i have no blood."
geniuses, i tell you. if you have no blood, you'd probably be *ahem* not alive?
oh wells.

if ever, you are asked to donate, and you are healthy and all, give a thought to donating your blood, okays. you could save a life :) and don't give funny reasons!
have a nice day!!

Jesus must have really loved us lots to have shed His blood so that we could live :)